Upgrading Editor Application

Do a silent upgrade of the Editor Application.

About this task

The steps are based on Linux, but are basically the same for Windows.


  1. Extract the installation files:
    1. Log in to the server that will host the Editor Application with an administrative account.
    2. Extract native/DocsApp_2.0.0.zip to /opt/install/Docs/Docs.
  2. Update the cfg.properties file:
    1. Open the cfg.properties file from the previous release in a text editor such as gedit or nano on the first node.
    2. gedit /opt/IBM/IBMDocs/cfg.properties
    3. Review and update as necessary the parameters in the file. Suggested default values are provided in the following table.
      Table 1. Default values for file
      Field Value
      docs_install_root /opt/IBM/IBMDocs
      shared_data_dir /opt/IBM/docs_data
      was_install_root /opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/profiles/AppSrv01
      was_soap_port 8879
      scope Cluster
      scope_name IBMDocsCluster
      node_name <Leave blank because using clusters>
      db_type db2
      db_hostname connectionsdb.renovations.com
      db_port 50000
      db_name CONCORD
      db_jdbc_driver_path /opt/IBM/SQLLIB
      conversion_url(Needs to point to the IBM® HTTP Server pool) http://connections.renovations.com/conversion
      ic_admin_j2c_alias connectionsAdmin
      files_url (Needs to point to the IBM HTTP Server pool) http://connections.renovations.com/files
      email_url http://connections.renovations.com/connections
      auth_type FORM
      auth_host <Leave as Blank since using FORM auth>
      mt false
      software_mode Premise
      spreadsheet_nodejs_install False
      non_job_mgr_mode True
    4. Save the file and close the editor.
  3. Upgrade the first node. For a single server or the first node in an HCL Docs cluster, begin the following steps from the HCL Docs node itself, not from the Deployment Manager node:
    • Open a terminal window under the root account.
    • Navigate to the directory: /opt/install/Docs/Docs/installer
    • Run the following command: ./upgrade.sh -installRoot /opt/IBM/IBMDocs
    • A license agreement is displayed. If you accept the agreement, press the "a" key and then press Enter.
    • When prompted, enter your WebSphere® Application Server credentials. Suggested default values for your credentials are provided in the following table:
    Table 2. WebSphere Application Server credentials
    Field Value
    WAS Administrative Username wasadmin
    WAS Administrator password password
  4. When prompted, enter your IBM DB2® credentials. Suggested default values are provided in the following table:
    Table 3. IBM DB2 credentials This table provides suggested default values for IBM DB2 credentials.
    Field Value
    DB2 Instance Username docsuser
    DB2 Instance Password password
  5. When the upgrade is finished, the command prompt is displayed. If an error occurred with the installation process, the configuration reverses. Correct the error and try again.
  6. Review the docs_upgrade.log for errors. If concord-config.json is upgraded or some WebSphere Application Server settings are upgraded, the detailed upgrade information is in concord_config_upgrade.log and was_config_upgrade.log. The log files are in the /opt/IBM/IBMDocs/logs directory.
    1. You can set the following option for the upgrade scripts:
      • -h: Displays help for the installation arguments.
    2. If you get an error message, such as The config file *** is out of date. The following options are missing: ***, see the cfg.properties.sample file that is in the same location as this script. To upgrade the config file, update /opt/IBM/IBMDocs/cfg.properties.
  7. Upgrade subsequent nodes. Perform these steps for the following servers: IBMDocsCluster_Docs02
    1. For subsequent node installations, copy the cfg.properties from the primary node to the /opt/IBM/IBMDocs directory on each of the subsequent nodes and rename it cfg.node.properties. If a cfg.node.properties file already exists, rename it cfg.node.properties.bak before making the copy.
    2. Run the upgrade_node.sh -installRoot /opt/IBM/IBMDocs command from the installation directory.
    3. Follow the prompts.