Viewing comments in documents

You can filter and view all comments and responses in your document in the collaboration sidebar.

About this task

When editing a document, you can view and filter all comments within a document to more easily track comments and response threads. You can view comments and responses directed at you or created by you, comments that are currently being discussed, or comments that have been resolved.


To view and filter comments and responses, follow these steps:
  1. When you open a document, if the sidebar is not displayed by default, you can click the sidebar icon to show the sidebar.
  2. Click All Comments on the sidebar and select one of the following filtering options from the list. A number next to the filter option indicates the number of unread comments.
    • Select @ me to view all comments that are directed at you, including their response threads.
    • Select By Me to view comments that are written by you. This includes responses you have written to other editor's comments.
    • Select Active to view comments that are currently being discussed.
    • Select Resolved to view comments that have been marked as resolved.