Creating and acting on comments in documents

When you edit or review a document, you can create comments that help you to collaborate with other editors. All comments and responses for the document are displayed in the collaboration sidebar.

About this task

The comments you create stay associated with the content they refer to. The collaboration sidebar acts as a record of all comments in the document so that you can easily see the most recent comments and responses.


To create comments and responses for the document, follow these steps:
  1. Click where you want to insert a comment.
  2. Click Team > Add Comment or click the Comment button create comments button on the toolbar. A new comment box is displayed.
  3. Type your comment in the field, and click Post. The comment stays associated with the location in the document and is also displayed in the sidebar with your name and the date and time the comment was created.
    The comment dialog
    Tip: If you want to direct the comment at a co-editor, enter the @ symbol. A list of editors of the document is displayed. Select the editor that you want from the list, and then enter your comment. When a comment is directed at you, you receive a notification in the @ Mentions section of Connections Social Cloud and an email, if specified by your Connections Social Cloud notifications settings.
  4. To interact with a comment, click it in the sidebar to open an in-text comment box where you can reply, resolve, or delete the comment. You can also display the in-text comment box for an active comment by hovering over the corresponding highlighted text. You can interact with comments in the following ways:
    Reply Respond to a comment.
    View more replies or View fewer replies View the full thread of responses for a comment with more than two replies.
    Resolve Mark a comment as resolved. The comment and its highlighted text become gray to indicate their resolved status.
    Reopen Reopen a resolved comment.
    Delete Remove a comment from the document. The comment and its replies are removed from the sidebar and the in-text comment box with the corresponding highlight is removed from the body text.
    Note: In the published file, comments are hidden from readers online, but are preserved if the file is downloaded so that anyone can see or work with them offline.