Documents keyboard shortcuts

You can use keyboard shortcuts to perform tasks in documents. All shortcuts are valid on Windows operating systems. On Mac OS, press Command instead of Ctrl.

Table 1. Keyboard shortcuts used by HCL Connections Docs documents
Action Keyboard shortcut
Highlight the whole editing area Ctrl+A
Apply bold to the selection Ctrl+B
Italicize the selection Ctrl+I
Save the document Ctrl+S
Underline the selection Ctrl+U
Start the redo function Ctrl+Y or Ctrl+Shift+Z
Start the undo function Ctrl+Z
Go to the top of the document Ctrl+Home
Go to the bottom of the document Ctrl+End
Align a paragraph to the center Ctrl+Shift+E
Align a paragraph to the left Ctrl+Shift+L
Align a paragraph to the right Ctrl+Shift+R
Align a paragraph so that it is justified Ctrl+Shift+J
Indent the line Ctrl+M
Decrease the line indentation Ctrl+Shift+M
Select an object or submit an action Enter
Move up one window Page Up
Move down one window Page Down
Move to the next cell in a table Tab
Note: When the cursor is in the last cell of a table, the Tab key adds row to the table.
Move forward in tab order Tab (when the focus is not on the editing area)
Move to the previous cell in a table Shift+Tab
Move backward in tab order Shift+Tab (when the focus is not on the editing area)
When the focus is on the menu, navigate the menu. Left and right arrow
Move down a menu Down arrow
Move backward one level on the expanded menu tree Left arrow or Esc
Expand the selection to the right by a character Shift+Right arrow
Expand the selection to the left by a character Shift+Left arrow
Expand the selection up by one line Shift+Up arrow
Expand the selection down by one line Shift+Down arrow
Insert a new line in the same paragraph Shift+Enter
Open the File menu. This shortcut is not supported on Mac OS. Alt+Shift+F
Navigate the toolbar from the editing area Alt+F10 adds focus to the toolbar. Press the right arrow or left arrow to navigate the toolbar items. Press Enter or the spacebar to select an item. For combined toolbar, press the down arrow to open the list.
Print the document Ctrl+P
Apply superscript to the selection Ctrl+.
Apply subscript to the selection Ctrl+,
Insert a link Ctrl+K
Navigate to the editing area or navigate to the sidebar Shift+F2
Navigate between editor icons in the editor pane Tab
Show editor's business card information Ctrl+Enter when hovering over icon or when icon is selected
Move the cursor that is in the Comments panel to the editing area Esc
For JAWS to read editor information of the current cursor Ctrl+Shift+1