Upgrading Editor Proxy

Do a silent upgrade of Editor proxy.

About this task

The steps are based on Linux, but are basically the same for Windows.


  1. Extract the Installation Files
    1. Log into the server where Editor Proxy is installed with an administrative account.
    2. Extract native/DocsProxyFilter_2.0.1.zip to /opt/install/Docs/DocsProxyFilter.
  2. Update the cfg.properties file
    1. Open the cfg.properties file from previous releases in a text editor such as gedit or nano.
      • gedit /opt/IBM/IBMDocs/proxy/cfg.properties
    2. Review and update as needed, the following parameters in the file. An example is provided in the table.
      Table 1. Default values for file
      Field Value
      docs_install_root /opt/IBM/IBMDocs
      • /opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/profiles/Docs01 -or-
      • /opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/profiles/dmgr
      Note: depending upon where the upgrade is being run from
      was_soap_port 8879
      was_ipc_port <Leave as Blank>
      scope Cluster
      proxy_scope_name IBMDocsProxyCluster
      proxy_node_name <Leave as Blank since using cluster>
      docs_context_root /docs
    3. Save the file and exit the editor.
  3. Run the upgrade
    1. Open a terminal window under the root account
    2. Navigate to the directory: /opt/install/Docs/DocsProxyFilter/installer
    3. Execute the following command: ./upgrade.sh -installRoot /opt/IBM/IBMDocs
    4. You will be presented with a License agreement. If you accept the agreement, press the 'a' key followed by enter.
    5. When prompted, enter your WebSphere® Application Server credentials.
      Table 2. WebSphere® Application Server credentials
      Field Value
      WAS Administrative Username wasadmin
      WAS Administrator password password
    6. When the upgrade is finished, it will return you to the command prompt. If an error occurred with the upgrade process, it will revert the configuration. Correct the error and try again.
    7. Check the proxy_upgrade.log file for errors. If some WebSphere® Application Server settings are updated, the detailed upgrade information is in was_config_upgrade.log. These logs will be located in the /opt/IBM/IBMDocs/proxy/logs directory.
      Note: You can set options for the upgrade scripts:
      • -h: Displays help for the installation arguments.