Rotating objects on a slide

In presentations, you can rotate an object to any angle.


  1. Select the text box, image, or shape that you want to rotate.
  2. Do one of the following actions:
    • For 180-degree flips, select the object and click Format > Rotate > Flip Horizontally or Format > Rotate > Flip Vertically.
    • For 90-degree rotate, select the object and click Format > Rotate > Rotate Clockwise 90° or Format > Rotate > Rotate Counter-Clockwise 90°.
    • Hover over the small circle near the object's border until a rotation icon is displayed. Drag to rotate the object as much as you want. Press and hold Shift when dragging, the object is rotated to 15 degree angles. Rotating an object by hovering and dragging
    Note: You can rotate objects only in uploaded or newly created .pptx files, not in .odp or .ppt files.