Web Content Manager access control | HCL Digital Experience

You can restrict access to selected users and groups to the views within a Web Content Manager authoring portlet, the items that are managed by the authoring portlet, and to elements and pages that are displayed within a website.

How access and security levels are set

There are three levels of access controls for web content

Library level access controls determine access to the library as a whole. If granted, it provides an entry point to the library. A user needs at least contributor access to a library to have access to it on the Authoring Portlet.
Item type per library:
Item Type access controls define the item type views and tasks a user can access within the authoring portlet for particular library. The permissions set for item types in a library do not automatically give you access to individual items. They give you access only to specific tasks and views within the authoring portlet.
Item level:
Item level access controls define the actions that a user can run on an individual item. For example, a Manager to the Components type has access to the Purge and Unlock actions but, if that user does not also have Manager access to an individual component, then the Purge and Unlock actions are not enabled when that component is selected.