Updating user ID and passwords

HCL Digital Experience and IBM® WebSphere® Application Server use some accounts from the registry (for example, the LDAP server) including administrative and bind IDs for authenticated access to databases and LDAP severs respectively, as well as the HCL Portal and WebSphere® Application Server administrative IDs. Often this means that the account passwords are stored in the HCL Portal and WebSphere® Application Server bootstraps configuration files, which allows the authentication process to work.

About this task

Note: Before updating any user ID or password, review "User IDs and passwords" located under Planning for HCL Portal.

If the password for any ID is changed (either through HCL Portal or through any other means, including directly through the LDAP administration interfaces), then the password value stored in the appropriate configuration file must be changed at the same time. The following instructions describe how to make the appropriate changes based on which account passwords might have changed.

Remember: If you reuse the same account ID/password for multiple purposes, such as using wpsbind as the administrative ID and the LDAP access ID, then you might have to do more than one of the following steps to accommodate the password change. Some changes, particularly changes made through the WebSphere® Integrated Solutions Console, require that the WebSphere® Integrated Solutions Console is open and the current ID/password logged in before actually making the password change in the registry. Carefully plan which steps are required and in what order to avoid not being able to bring up server processes or log in.

Use the following topics to change passwords to better secure your environment.