Response codes for the Web Content Manager REST service | HCL Digital Experience

These response codes are generated by the Web Content Manager REST service.

Table 1. Response codes
Response code Message Description
200 OK The operation completed successfully.
201 Created The resource was successfully created.
301 Moved Permanently The resource addressed is known, however, its URI has changed.
400 Bad Request Generic client side error. The request data is invalid in some way.
403 Forbidden The request is formed correctly, but the server cannot carry out the operation.
404 Not Found The URI specified is unknown to the REST service.
405 Method Not Allowed The addressed resource does not support the HTTP method used.
406 Not Acceptable The client specified an unsupported accept type.
409 Conflict The request attempted to put the resource in an impossible or inconsistent state.
415 Unsupported Media Type The server did not recognize the specified media type.
423 Locked Unable to perform the requested operation, as the resource is locked.
500 Internal Server Error An internal error occurred.