How to use REST with Web Content Manager to Purge Deleted Content Items | HCL Digital Experience

This API allows for the permanent removal of deleted content items.

Note: The APIs to Purge Deleted Content items is available for HCL Digital Experience 9.5 CF192 and higher releases.

Using the Purge Deleted Content Items API

POST request to:
<http://host:port/wps/mycontenthandler/wcmrest/purgeItem/{UUID of deleted item to be purged}/>
Sample URL:
Expected Body
Body should consist of basic WCM structure:

                    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?/>
                    <feed xmlns="" xmlns:wcm=""/>
Expected Headers
LTPA token of the user.
Return body
On a success, the response code will be 201 and the body of the response will consist of a single json entry, purgeStatus, with fields containing the uuid of the purged item and the status of the purge to confirm that it has succeeded.
    "purgeStatus": {
        "uuid": "0988c73c-38df-41bc-9fd4-0e20e8957600",
        "status": "Successfully purged"
If the purge fails because the deleted item was not found, the response code will be 404 and the body of the response will be a list of error messages in json.
    "errors": {
        "message": [
                "lang": "en",
                "text": "Deleted item could not be found."