Remove authoring configuration task | HCL Digital Experience

The remove authoring configuration task uninstalls the authoring portlet and related portal pages.

Running the configuration task

To remove the Authoring portlet:
  1. Stop the server.
  2. Open a command prompt.
  3. Change to the wp_profile_root/ConfigEngine directory.
  4. Run the remove-wcm-authoring task.
    • AIX®: ./ remove-wcm-authoring -DWasPassword=password
    • HP-UX: ./ remove-wcm-authoring -DWasPassword=password
    • IBM® i: remove-wcm-authoring -DWasPassword=password
    • Linux: ./ remove-wcm-authoring -DWasPassword=password
    • Solaris: ./ remove-wcm-authoring -DWasPassword=password
    • Windows: ConfigEngine.bat remove-wcm-authoring -DWasPassword=password
    • z/OS®: ./ remove-wcm-authoring -DWasPassword=password