Enabling email | HCL Digital Experience

To use the email workflow action, you must configure Web Content Manager to use your SMTP server.


  1. Log in to the WebSphere® Integrated Solutions Console.
  2. Click Resources > Resource Environment > Resource Environment Providers > WCM WCMConfigService > Custom properties.
    Cluster note: If you are using this web content server as part of a cluster, ensure that you use the WebSphere® Integrated Solutions Console for the deployment manager when you edit configuration properties.
  3. Specify connect.connector.mailconnect properties to use your SMTP server.
    Add the following properties:
    Default SMTP server
    • Property name: connect.connector.mailconnector.defaultsmtpserver
    • Value: mail.yourmailserver.com
    Default SMTP port
    • Property name: connect.connector.mailconnector.defaultsmtpport
    • Value: yourport
    Default email address for "from" field
    • Property name: connect.connector.mailconnector.defaultfromaddress
    • Value: admin@yourmailserver.com
    Default email address for "reply-to" field
    • Property name: connect.connector.mailconnector.defaultreplytoaddress
    • Value: admin@yourmailserver.com
  4. If you use a secured SMTP server, you need to specify a user name and password to access the SMTP server:
    Add the following properties:
    Default user name
    • Property name: connect.connector.mailconnector.defaultusername
    • Value: username
    Default password
    • Property name: connect.connector.mailconnector.defaultpassword
    • Value: password
  5. Save your changes.
  6. Restart the portal for the new settings to take effect.