Project Validation | HCL Digital Experience

An outline of the validation process.

  • Validating a project enables the user to check all items in a project for potential problems before the project is published. The project validation is the same validation process that is part of project publishing.
  • If any item fails the project validation, they are added to a table that displays a list of items that have failed a project validation or publishing with the reason for failure.
  • The user must modify their content to correct the problem before another project validation or project publishing action is initiated.
  • When a validation completes, the project displays the list of items that failed the validation, the list of draft items in the project, the time that the validation was completed, and the number of items that failed.
  • A validation can be initiated on a project only when it is in Pending, Publish Failed, Review, or Active State.
  • A validation can be initiated by using the Authoring Portlet when a project is in read-mode.
  • Only one validation per project can be initiated or running at any one time.
  • A project publish action cancels any project validation for that project that is in progress because validation is part of publishing a project.