Project States | HCL Digital Experience

When you use a project, the project progresses through a series of states.

A project that has draft items in it is considered "active". These items can be individually approved until they reach a state of "pending".
If "All items and versions" or "All items" syndication is enabled for a library, a status of "Syndicating" is displayed on the project until all items on both the syndicator and subscriber reaches a state of pending.
If any approvers are assigned to a project, the project can be submitted for review when all items in the project are in a pending state. If approved, the project then progresses to publishing.
A project that contains only items in a "pending" state, or is approved, is itself considered "pending". If the project publish option is set to automatic this state is skipped. When the project is published manually or when the publish date is reached, the project moves to the "publishing" state.
This state is the state where all items in the project move from pending to published.
Publish Failed
Indicates that one or more project items failed to publish.
When all items are published, the project achieves a state of "published".