Web content testing environments | HCL Digital Experience

Testing environments can be as simple or as complex as a test environment used to test content, theme, application changes, and the delivery environment performance.

A single website might have multiple testing environments. Some testing environments focus on content and design integration, application and data integration, performance, and more. A web content test environment is a layer of validation before changes are sent to the live website. The test environment might be used to accumulate changes from your authoring environments before the changes are syndicated to the production delivery environment.

Site testing within an authoring environment

When testing within an authoring environment a testing server is paired with an authoring server. The testing server simulates the delivery environment and is used to test major changes to a website.
Authoring environment that is configured to send and receive changes to and from a testing environment. Live changes are then sent to the website.

System testing within a staging environment

When testing within a staging environment, data from the authoring environment is syndicated to a staging environment. User acceptance testing happens in the staging environment. If all tests are passed, data is syndicated from staging to the delivery production environment.
Diagram depicting flow from authoring, to staging, to the live website by using syndication of live items
Specific activities take place in each environment.
Authoring environment
  • Create drafts
  • Approve drafts
  • Test changes
  • Publish changes
  • Syndicate live items to the staging environment
Testing environment
Test changes.
Syndicate live items to production environment.
Production environment
Deliver live website.