Cloning preparation | HCL Digital Experience

You must prepare your source and target systems before a web content repository is cloned.

  • Disable both search and syndication in your source and target systems before you begin the cloning procedure.
  • The source and target environments must be on the same version and fix level
  • Ideally the source and target environments use the same LDAP
  • If the target server already contains data:
    • If you need to use this data later, ensure that you take a backup of the target environment before cloning.
    • Note down the syndicator and subscriber setups. The syndication setup on the target environment is lost during the cloning process, and needs to be re-created.
    • Note down the library access control setup. Library access levels for target environment are lost during the cloning process, and need to be reapplied.

Oracle databases

When you set up an Oracle database for JCR, you must have a separate physical Oracle database for each JCR repository. This setup makes it easy to copy a JCR repository from one system to another. If you do choose to store all of your JCR repositories in a single database, then you must use different schema names for each system. HCL Portal does not support more than one instance of HCL Portal running against a single JCR database or schema.