Prediction quality values

The "quality" value refers to the degree a user will like an item. The LikeMinds server presents predictions in decreasing order of quality.

Recommendation quality is calculated using this equation:

quality = confidencempowx (pred rating —mean pred rating) + K x confidencepow

  • confidence is the confidence value for the recommended item.
  • pred rating is the predicted rating for the item.
  • mean pred rating is the mean recommended rating for all items for the user.
To specify mpow, set db.applic.param.BestBets.MultPower:
db.applic.param.BestBets.MultPower = 0.5
To specify K, set db.applic.param.BestBests.Coefficient:
db.applic.param.BestBets.Coefficient = 0
To specify pow, set db.applic.param.BestBets.Power:
db.applic.param.BestBets.Power = 1.0
Note: You can use these parameters for all of the Recommendation engines except for the Item Affinity Engine.