Allowable rating values

Learn about the parameters that govern the allowable range of ratings.

Specify the allowable range of ratings by setting db.applic.param.lowestrating (default is 0) to the lowest allowable rating and db.applic.param.numberratingvalues(default is 13) to the number of possible ratings. This setting also determines the recommendation value. This example specifies a rating scale of zero to twelve:
db.applic.param.lowestrating = 0
db.applic.param.numberratingvalues = 13

The parameters db.applic.param.wontrate (default is -1) and db.applic.param.unrated (default is -2) set special allowable rating values that are not part of the normal rating scale. Setting an item to unrated marks the rating for deletion. wontrate means that a user has specifically indicated that he or she does not plan to rate the item.

db.applic.param.wontrate = -3
db.applic.param.unrated = -2

The LikeMinds server ignores ratings which are neither in the specified range of rating values nor equal to db.applic.param.wontrate or db.applic.param.unrated.

Note: You can use these parameters for all of the Recommendation engines except for the Item Affinity Engine.