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View an example that demonstrates advanced nested bindings.

This example is similar to the Nested bindings (simple) example, except for the addition of the binding Get Top Products to the actions done when the User Location profiler is Lab. Multiple actions can be grouped by selecting multiple actions or bindings simultaneously within the rule editor. Selecting multiple actions or bindings here has the effect of the boolean operator "and", which returns the intersection of the data sets.

For example: the current user location must be in the lab and an executive. Therefore, in addition to test products, executives and managers in the lab receives information about the best selling products, and employees at the lab gets the most popular overstocked items. Factory or field workers will not see either best selling or most popular overstocked products.

Modified Get Products By Location:

Advanced nested bindings

When User Location is
  	        do Get Top Products and
  	        do Get Test Products
  	        do Get Available Products
  	        do Get All Products
  	         do Get Future Products
  	     order as is