Example: Nested bindings (simple) | HCL Digital Experience

When creating a binding, it is possible to use a binding in any of the do action areas. This is known as a nested binding.

In this example, the Always action (Get Top Products) in Get Products By Location is actually another binding. When the nested binding is placed with Always, it has the effect of the boolean operator or.

For example: The total rule returns content that meets the conditions in the earlier part of the binding or that meets the conditions in the later part.

Note: It is possible for a nested binding to contain nested bindings.

Get Products By Location:

Nested binding

When User Location is
  	        do Get Test Products
  	        do Get Available Products
  	        do Get All Products
  	         do Get Future Products
  	         Get Top Products
  	     order as is

Get Top Products:
  	When User Role is
  	        do Get Top Selling Products
  	        do Get Top Selling Products
  	        do Get Top Overstocked Products
  	     order as is