Updating page order | HCL Digital Experience

If the page order was altered for HCL Digital Experience pages in the Applications, Administration, or Hidden Pages areas on your source environment, then the page order might not be correct on the target environment after migration.

About this task

You can adjust the page order of your pages using the Portal Administration menu or XMLAccess. If you want your pages to be listed first, then ensure that they have ordinal values less than 100. For more information about using XMLAccess to edit the ordinal values for your pages, see XMLAccess Frequently Asked Questions at HCL Software Support.


  1. Click Administration.
  2. Click Manage Pages.
  3. Use the Move up and Move down icons to adjust the order of your pages.
    Note: If you are rearranging the tree structure of your pages, then you can use the Mark icon to mark the page, and then move it.