Migration: Blogs and wikis | HCL Digital Experience

After you migrate from HCL Portal Versions 7.0 or 8.0 to Version 8.5, you must run a configuration task to update the presentation templates that are used by blogs and wikis to apply the latest updates. You must run this task for content in your blogs and wikis to render properly.

About this task

If you customized your blogs and wiki, you will lose your customizations and you must reapply those customizations after you run the task.


  1. z/OS® only: When you use z/OS®, open a UNIX System Service command prompt to change directories.
    Note: If you are instructed to open a properties file, the files are ASCII files and must be opened by using the appropriate tool.
  2. Go to the wp_profile_root/ConfigEngine directory.
  3. Run the following command:
    • AIX® HP-UX Linux Solaris: ./ConfigEngine.sh configure-blog -DPortalAdminPwd=password -DWasPassword=password
    • IBM® i: ConfigEngine.sh configure-blog -DPortalAdminPwd=password -DWasPassword=password
    • Windows: ConfigEngine.bat configure-blog -DPortalAdminPwd=password -DWasPassword=password
    • z/OS®: ./ConfigEngine.sh configure-blog -DPortalAdminPwd=password -DWasPassword=password
  4. Restart HCL Portal.


Enabling blogs and wikis by running the configure-blog task also enables tag and rating widgets. Go to Enabling the new tag and rating widgets after a portal upgrade to verify and finish enabling tag and rating widgets.