AIX: Configuring a developer mode environment

Use a developer mode environment to improve startup performance and to configure HCL Digital Experience for development. The developer mode environment is for a development environment only. Please do not use the developer mode environment as your production environment. You can also run the optimize-derby-database task to improve the Derby database performance.

Before you begin

Install HCL Digital Experience.

About this task

This task modifies the following components:
The JVM is switched to development mode. This setting is a WebSphere® Application Server specific setting independent of HCL Digital Experience. See the Application server setting topic for exact changes that are made with this setting. The initial heap size is set to 768 MB to reduce the amount of garbage collection during startup.
Portlets and web applications are activated on first access and not at the startup. However, some of the portlets and applications are required at startup. Create a white list, which contains the list of applications, that are required at startup.
Note: To add applications to the white list, modify the wp_profile_root/PortalServer/config/StartupPerformance/wp.base_TargetMapExclList.propertieswp_profile_root\PortalServer\config\StartupPerformance\ file. Add a line such as App_name, where App_name is the name of the application. Log on to the WebSphere® Integrated Solutions Console and go to Applications > Application Types > WebSphere enterprise applications to get a list of available applications.


  1. Open a command prompt.
  2. Stop the HCL Portal server. Go to Starting and stopping servers, deployment managers, and node agents for information.
  3. Change to the wp_profile_root/ConfigEnginewp_profile_root\ConfigEngine directory.
  4. Run the ConfigEngine.bat optimize-derby-database./ optimize-derby-database task to improve the performance of your Derby database.
    Important: This task is appropriate only in a demonstration or development environment that is not configured to use Web Content Manager. You can also run the optimize-derby-database task after large data changes in the database.
  5. Start the HCL Portal server.
  6. Run the ConfigEngine.bat enable-develop-mode-startup-performance -DWasPassword=password./ enable-develop-mode-startup-performance enable-develop-mode-startup-performance -DWasPassword=password tasks. Then, stop and restart the HCL Portal server to propagate your change.
  7. Prepare the remote web server for your developer mode.

What to do next

Run the ConfigEngine.bat disable-develop-mode-startup-performance -DWasPassword=password./ disable-develop-mode-startup-performance disable-develop-mode-startup-performance -DWasPassword=password task to revert to a production server. Then, stop and restart the HCL Digital Experience server to propagate your change.
Note: You can run the disable-develop-mode-startup-performance task for the following scenarios:
  • When you are done developing your portal and portlets.
  • If the development settings are not adequate for a special development situation.
  • When you cannot re-create a problem on the development server.