Theme Manager | HCL Digital Experience

Use the Theme Manager portlet to create new themes from templates, edit existing themes, and copy, export, or delete themes with one click.

You can find the Theme Manager by clicking Applications menu > Theme Development in your portal. From Theme Development, you can access two tools: Theme Manager and Theme Analyzer.

Creating new themes

You can quickly create a new theme that is based on a template when you click the Create Theme icon. To create a new theme, you enter a new theme title and an optional theme description. A theme template is selected for you, or you can select another template.

Searching for existing themes

The list of themes in the Theme Manager can be filtered by selecting an attribute from the Show menu or by entering text in the search box. The search results display only the theme titles and descriptions that match your search criteria. The Show menu includes the following attributes:
Displays all themes that are active and not hidden.
Displays all existing themes.
Displays all themes that are designated as hidden.
Displays all inactive themes.
Displays all themes that are designated as templates.

Editing existing themes

When you search for existing themes, the search results display in the Theme Manager. You can edit themes from the Theme Manager by using the following options:
Manage Theme Properties
View and change all of the properties of a theme, such as the title and the description.
Create a copy of the selected theme.
Export the selected theme as a PAA file so that you can install it on another machine.
Delete the selected theme.
Note: Themes that are necessary for system stability cannot be deleted.