Changing the theme logo | HCL Digital Experience

You can change the theme logo to customize your portal site and rebrand it to reflect your business.

About this task

The default logo that appears in the banner is a blank placeholder image. The following block of code displays the blank placeholder image:
<span class="wpthemeBranding">
     <img alt="IBM Logo" src="/wps/themeModules/themes/html/dynamicSpots/icons/blank.gif">
     <span class="wpthemeAltText">IBM Logo</span>

This logo is provided to the theme with a CSS style class so it can be modified or overridden by packaged styles on the customization shelf. It also updates as new styles are selected. You do not have to modify the theme template.

You can change the theme logo in .wpthemeLogo in fs-type1:themes\Your_custom_theme \css\default\default_view.css and fs-type1:themes\Your_custom_theme \css\default\default_view.css.uncompressed.css:


  1. Remove the display attribute from the style class.
  2. Define a new path to your image for the background-image attribute.
  3. Modify the height and width.
You can also change your header text to display your logo next to the navigation.
  1. Apply the white style on the customization shelf.
  2. In fs-type1:themes\Your_custom_theme\nls\theme_locale.html, enter the following block of code, where HCL Digital Experience is the name of your portal site:
    <div class="wpthemeLogo wpthemeLeft">
         <span class="wpthemeAltText">HCL Digital Experience</span>
    Note: There is no HTML image element to display the logo. It is provided to the theme through a CSS style class just like the first area of branding. You do not have to modify the theme template.

What to do next

You can also create your own custom style to use with your custom theme defined in fs-type1:themes\Your_custom_theme\system\styles.json. If you do that, you can override these styles in the custom style css file, such as fs-type1:themes\Your_custom_theme \css\Your_custom_style \Your_custom_style .css.