Comparison of the new features with click-to-action in HCL Digital Experience portlets | HCL Digital Experience

The user experience of live text elements based click-to-action is similar to that of the click-to-action JSP tags that are available for IBM portlets.

However, the underlying technologies are different, and the functional possibilities of live text go beyond click-to-action JSP tags. This results in important distinctions:
Table 1. Comparison of the new features to existing click-to-action
New: Live text for click-to-action Click-to-action JSP tags for HCL portets
How sources and targets are declared. Sources and targets can be declared by any HTML fragment on a page, including portlets, theme components or simple HTML clippings. JSR portlet actions declared in a cooperative portlet WSDL are automatically registered as targets. Sources and targets can only be declared within HCL portlets. Sources are declared by using JSP tags and targets are declared with a cooperative portlet WSDL.
How targets are handled Targets can register client side (JavaScript) or server side (FORM submission) handlers for click-to-action. Target actions are always handled with a server call.
Where menu contents are computed Menu contents are computed on the client when the user clicks on a source. This results in improved performance and smaller markup size. Menu contents are computed on the server when the JSP tags are rendered.
Whether menus can be customized Menu appearance can be customized for each source by specifying a HTML menu head. Menu appearance cannot be customized.
Whether cross-page actions are possible Sources and targets must be defined on the same page. Target URLs can lead to a different page in the portal when they are selected. Cross-page actions can be selected from sources on all pages.
Whether multiple targets are allowed Only a single target is available for one user action. Source data can be distributed to multiple targets with a single click.
Whether portlet wiring is supported No wiring support is available. Users can automate actions by pressing Ctrl and clicking on a menu item.