Creating and deleting configuration settings of the outbound HTTP connection | HCL Digital Experience

The controller object also provides methods for creating or deleting configuration settings.

About this task

You can create new items by using the CreationContext interface. This interface provides the controller with the mandatory initialization data. The following creation contexts are available: OutboundConnectionProfileCreationContext, PolicyMappingCreationContext, PolicyRuleCreationContext, CookieRuleCreationContext, and PolicyVariableCreationContext. You can implement the creation contexts either by a custom application or by the singleton class OutboundConnectionCreationContextBuidlerFactory.

The following code example shows how you create a new policy rule, and how you delete another policy rule:
OutboundConnectionModel model; // Refer to previous examples, how to instantiate this model. 
OutboundConnectionModelController ctrl; // Refer to previous example, how to instantiate this.
PolicyRule rule;// Refer to previous examples, how to instantiate this policy rule.

// This singleton can be used to produce CreationContext objects.
OutboundConnectionCreationContextBuilderFactory ccf = 

// Create a new policy rule.
CreationContext cc = ccf.getPolicyRuleCreationContext(mapping, "rule2", "*");
ModifiablePolicyRule mrule2 = (ModifiablePolicyRule) ctrl.create(ModifiablePolicyRule.class, cc);

// Delete the policy rule.

ctrl.commit(); // Apply the changes.