Accessing the Configuration Wizard | HCL Digital Experience

The home page of the Configuration Wizard provides access to common configuration tasks. Supported tasks include setting up a stand-alone server, setting up a cluster, transferring from Apache Derby to another supported database, migrating your server, installing add-ons, and more.

About this task

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  1. To get the latest updates for the wizard, apply the most recent Combined Cumulative Fix. For more information about applying the latest fix pack, see HCL Digital Experience Combined Cumulative Fix Fix Strategy.
    Note: Skip this step, if you have the most recent fix pack applied.
  2. Optional: Restart server1 to ensure that the Configuration Wizard uses the updated environment variables. Go to AppServer_home/profiles/cw_profile/bin and stop the server:
    • AIX® HP-UX Linux Solaris: ./ server1 -username username -password password
    • IBM® i: stopServer cw_profile -username username -password password
    • Windows: stopServer.bat server1 -username username -password password
    Then, start the server:
    • AIX® HP-UX Linux Solaris: ./ server1
    • IBM® i: startServer cw_profile
    • Windows: startServer.bat server1
  3. Access the Configuration Wizard. Go to http://your_server/hcl/wizard.
    Note: If working with HCL Digital Experience 8.5 or 9 software level prior to CF18, the wizard address is: http://your_server:10200/ibm/wizard. After installing CF18, the Configuration Wizard address is http://your_server/hcl/wizard.
    Restriction: There is a known issue with Chrome version 45.x and the Configuration Wizard. If you are experiencing difficulties, use a different browser when you access the wizard.
  4. Log in to the Configuration Wizard with the administrative ID for the configuration wizard profile, cw_profile.
    Note: The wizard user interface might not be available in all languages. If the language is not currently supported, you might see the English version. For details on the supported languages for all of the HCL Digital Experience user interfaces, see Supported languages.