Configuration Wizard runtime properties | HCL Digital Experience

The Configuration Wizard reads a properties file at startup. You can change these values and restart the wizard to control runtime behaviors.

The properties file is in the wp_profile_root/WebSphere/AppServer/systemApps/isclite.ear/wizard.war/ directory. Any property change requires a restart of the wizard before they take effect.

The following actions are supported:
Run the wizard in non-execution mode
It is possible to run the wizard in a non-execution mode. The instance is created and the wizard proceeds through the steps. However, no commands are run. This method is useful with the printDebug parameter to debug issues. It is also useful to create the custom data that is used to run the wizard silently. Set the value to false to enable this mode.
Enable tracing
To enable tracing, add the printDebug parameter to the file. Set the value to true.