Hints and tips for portal users | HCL Digital Experience

Learn about some hints and tips for portal users who work with tagging and rating.

Tag names must contain at least one alphanumeric character.
Tag names that consist only of non-alphanumeric characters are not allowed. Example: "!^#".
Tags in tag clouds do not reflect access rights.
The tags that are shown in tag clouds do not reflect the access rights that users have on the tagged resources. Resources are filtered by access rights only after the user clicks a tag. This action has the following consequences:
Users might see tags without underlying resources.
Users might see tags that are applied to resources to which the users have no access. If they click a tag that is applied only to resources to which they have no access, they view an empty resource list.
Tag size does not represent frequency of the tag on resources that a user can access.
When a user views a tag cloud, tag sizes in the tag cloud represent how often the tag is applied. It does not represent how often the tag is applied to resources that the user can access.
How can I avoid closing the widget when clicking on listed resource links?
Right-click the link that you want to view and select Open in New Tab. The widget will remain open, and you can proceed with the other links in the same way.
Type-ahead support requires at least 3 characters
When a user types a tag, the user needs to type at least 3 characters for the type-ahead support feature to work.
Note: The type-ahead feature works only with the dialog tag widget of the default tagging user interface of portal versions earlier than V 8.5. With HCL Portal V 8.5, the tag and rating widgets of earlier portal versions are deprecated.