Enabling and disabling the tag and rating widgets for additional profiles

In a portal installation, the tag and rating widgets are available for specific portal profiles. You can enable the widgets for more other profiles by adding them to the profile.

About this task

In a default HCL Portal V 8.5 installation, the tag and rating widgets are available with the following profiles:
  • Basic Content profile: profile_basic_content.json
  • Basic Content with Dojo profile: profile_dojo_basic_content.json
  • Content Targeting Portlet profile: profile_personalization.json.
To enable the tag and rating widgets for other profiles, proceed as follows:


  1. Open the profile for which you want to enable the widgets.
  2. Add the module wp_tagging_rating_light to the list of modules in the section moduleIDs.
  3. Apply the modified profile.
    To do so, proceed as follows:
    1. Start a WebDAV client.
    2. Create a connection with the entry point to /wps/mycontenthandler/dav/fs-type1 of HCL Portal Version 8.5.
    3. Go to Themes > Portal 8.5 > Profiles.
    4. Upload the modified profile by using the Upload option in the WebDAV client.
    5. Log in to the portal server.
    6. Invalidate the cache with the Portal Theme Analyzer. Or, click Administration > Utilities > Control Center > Invalidate cache. Auto invalidation recognizes your changes automatically for WebDAV based themes. No further action is required. For more information, see Utilities.
    This step applies the changes that you made to the profile on the server.


You can now use the tag and rating widgets with the modified profile.
  • The tag and rating widgets are available with the Basic Content profile. If you create a page by using the Article template, the portal applies the Basic Content profile by default. If you add a blog or a wiki to a page with a different profile and you want to have the tag and rating widgets that are shown, you must apply the Basic Content profile to the page.
  • Enabling the widgets for a profile can influence performance.
To disable the widgets, remove the module wp_tagging_rating_light from the profile, and apply the modified profile on the server by the described procedure.