Portlet repository | HCL Digital Experience

The portlet repository provides access to portlets, portlet applications, and web modules. To provide easy access to the relations between the repository objects, the repository is modeled as a tree. Unlike with the content and component hierarchies, the repository tree is not arbitrarily nested.

At the root of the repository is a dummy node. Children of the root are the web modules. Web modules are the deployment units of the portal. They correspond to WAR files. The children of a web module are portlet applications.

The portlet repository is accessed by using the Portlet bean, referenced as $Portlet in Jacl. Modification of the portlet repository from a script is not supported.

The Portlet bean provides the following functions:

  • Methods to browse in the portlet repository tree. For more information, see Navigation .
  • Methods to locate a portlet, application, or web module, or to search for particular repository objects. For more information, see Search .
  • Methods for getting attributes, metadata, or portlet preferences. The following attribute types are supported by the Layout bean:
    • Plain attributes
    • List valued attributes
    • Locale-specific attributes
    • Portlet metadata
    • Portlet preferences