Copying portlet applications

Using the Manage Portlet Application, you can copy a portlet application, which includes some or all of the portlets from the original portlet application. If you want additional instances of a portlet application, use the Manage Portlet Application to make copies.

About this task

Copying can be useful when different portlet configuration parameters are required for different instances of a portlet. A copy of the portlet application can be used to configure the portlet instance for each portlet application. For example, the administrator might want to have multiple Welcome applications. Each copied application would have a different URL, accessing a different content channel, configured for its WelcomePortlet.

When you copy a portlet application, give the copy a new name. The portlet data and the portlet application data are copied, but the copied portlet application uses the same resources as the original portlet application. The new portlet application also uses the same resources as the original portlet application. An example of portlet data is the portlet configuration parameters needed for a particular instance of a portlet. An example of a portlet resource is an image that the portlet displays in the user interface. While the portlet configuration parameter is associated with each instance of the portlet, all instances of the portlet use the same image.


Only portlets in the copied portlet application are in the new portlet application. For instance, if the copied portlet application contains four portlets and the original contains five portlets, only the four portlets are copied to the new portlet application.