Viewing updates and changes made with the XML configuration interface

For your users to be able to view updates that you made by using the XML configuration interface, they might have to log out and log back in again, or you might have to restart the portal. This depends on the type of update that you made.

Most portal data is cached on a per-user basis, therefore many modifications become visible to users only after a new logout and login. For example, a page that is created on behalf of users does not immediately become visible to those users if they are currently logged in. Other modifications only become visible after some timeout when internal caches are refreshed with current data. For some settings the portal needs to be restarted to activate the updates. Therefore, if an update you made does not become visible, restart the portal.

In general, the effect of an XML update is the same as if the update was made using administration portlets using a new browser and login session.