Globalization for People Finder fields | HCL Digital Experience

All fields of the People Finder portlet must have associated language strings that are defined in each language property file, The field names are the names of the corresponding attributes in Member Manager.

For each People Finder field, the following three strings are required:
  • One string for the field name, which is the attribute name
  • One string for the field long name
  • One string for the field description as it appears in the tasks of People Finder configuration mode
displayName = Name
displayName_Long = Preferred Name
displayName_Desc = Display name

The resource key for each field refers to the appropriate language property file, /nls/ Language translations of People Finder fields must be stored in the appropriate language property file.

Language properties files are in the following location on the HCL Portal server:


The variable nnnnnnn represents a random number that is generated by the installation process when the lwppeoplefinder.jar file is installed.