Servlet render-time navigation extension

This extension provides navigation between equivalent published content in different locales from within a presentation template at rendering time.

To add localized rendering links to content items, reference the JSP component that is named MLConfiguration_v7/JSP - ML Locale Nav to either the associated presentation template, or as a reference within a component or element that is also referenced in the presentation template.

How it works

  • Every time that you render a page that includes the MLConfiguration_v7/JSP - ML Locale Nav component, all libraries that are configured in the multilingual configuration file are searched for all items that match the current content item.
  • To be matching, the content must be located under an equivalent site path and have the same name.
  • A link is created for each matching localized content item that is displayed in the language of the current user.
  • While this extension does work for both servlet-rendering and portlet-rendering, in portlet-rendering it add links only for content displayed in the current portlet.