Deletion synchronization extension

This extension ensures that the base item and any draft localized items are deleted at the same time.

  • To use the extension, add the MLConfiguration_v7 \ Delete workflow stage to the end of your workflow.
  • If your workflow is not using expiry, then instead use the MLConfiguration_v7 \ Delete – For non expiry workflows workflow stage.

How it works

When an item reaches the delete workflow stage the following things happen:
  • If there is a base locale copy of the current item and it is not in the delete workflow stage, then a deletion request email is sent to the base locale owner to inform them that one or more localized copies need to be removed.
  • If the base locale copy of the current item exists in the delete workflow stage, then all available draft and published localized copies are removed and a notification sent to relevant localized library owners, regardless of the workflow stage the localized copies are in.
  • The delete extension is only applied to individual workflows, not project workflows.