Exporting a Site Builder template to a file

If you are exporting to a server other than a virtual portal on the same host, you must export to a file instead and import it to the target server later. With Site Builder installed on the other server, the Import Template action makes the Site Builder template available to administrators and website creators.

About this task

Exporting a site template or section template to a file downloads the file to the default location for your downloads.
Note: Do not import a Site Builder template that uses embedded page templates that are stored in the Portal Site library. Conflicts between duplicate page templates cause the imported Site Builder template to break on the destination server.


  1. Open Site Builder.
  2. Browse to the published Site Builder template you want to export and click Export.
  3. Click Export and download the site template.
  4. Make a note of the file name, so you can find it later.
  5. Click Download.
  6. Move the Site Builder template file to a location where you or someone else can import it.