Changing the WebSphere Application Server administrator password in the file registry

If you are using the file registry in the federation repository to store passwords, you need to change the passwords in the file registry.

About this task

Complete the following steps to change the WebSphere® Application Server administrator password stored in the file registry:


  1. Using a command prompt, change to the wp_profile_root/bin directory.
  2. Issue the wsadmin -conntype NONE command and press Enter.
  3. Issue the $AdminTask changeFileRegistryAccountPassword {-userId <wpsadmin_ID> -password <wpsadmin_new_password>} command and press Enter.
  4. Issue the $AdminConfig save command and press Enter.
  5. Complete the following steps to update the RunAsRole, which changes the stored password:

    You can change the password for the WebSphere Application Server administrator user ID using the HCL Edit My Profile portlet, the native utilities for the user repository, such as the LDAP administration interface or the WebSphere Application Server Administrative utilities. Regardless of which option you choose, once you have updated the password, you must also update the RunAsRole for the PZNScheduler application.

    1. Log on to the WebSphere Integrated Solutions Console with your new password.
    2. Go to Applications > Application Types > WebSphere enterprise applications.
    3. Locate and click the pznscheduler application.
    4. Click User RunAs Roles under Detail Properties.
    5. Select RuleEventRunAsRole and then click Remove.
    6. Enter the fully distinguished name (DN) of the WebSphere Application Server Administrator in the username field and the new password in the password field.
    7. Select RuleEventRunAsRole and then click Apply to apply your changes.
    8. Click OK, save your changes, and then restart the server.