Configuring Session Security Integration | HCL Digital Experience

IBM WebSphere Application Server protects your session from access by other users.

About this task

To use Session Security Integration, you must enable it on both HCL Digital Experience and WebSphere® Application Server functionality as well. WebSphere® Application Server will preserve an available security context even if an unprotected URI is accessed.


  1. In the WebSphere® Integrated Solutions Console, click ServersServer TypesWebSphere Application Servers.
  2. Select HCL Portal.
  3. Expand the Web Container Settings. Then click Web Container.
  4. Click Session Management.
  5. Select Security Integration.
  6. Save your changes.
Enable HCL Portal to create Security context on the unprotected URI
  1. Click Security > Global Security.
  2. Expand Web and SIP security. Then click General Settings.
  3. Select Use available authentication data when an unprotected URI is accessed.
  4. Save your changes.