Security Access Manager prerequisites

Complete the prerequisite tasks before you configure IBM® Security Access Manager.

Complete the following task before you configure Security Access Manager:
  1. Install HCL Digital Experience.
  2. Run the appropriate Configuration Wizard option to configure HCL. The stand-alone server and production server options include a database transfer and LDAP server configuration.
  3. Install and configure Security Access Manager.
  4. Configure the WebSEAL security proxy. Refer to the WebSEAL installation guide for information.
Tip: IBM WebSphere® Application Server ships a PD.jar file that HCL uses to configure Security Access Manager. The file is in the AppServer_root/tivoli/tam directory. WebSphere Application Server maintenance packages contain fixes for the PD.jar file. However, the Security Access Manager typically contains a newer version of the PD.jar file. Therefore, if you have access to the Security Access Manager server, use that version. After you apply the WebSphere Application Server maintenance, create a backup of the PD.jar file. Then, replace the original file with a copy of the newer version from the Security Access Manager server.