Enabling step-up authentication and the Remember me cookie | HCL Digital Experience

Step-up authentication provides different authentication levels for pages and portlets. The Remember me cookie is an encrypted HTTP cookie that supports authentication. You can present personalized portlets and pages in a public area without the need for users to manually authenticate. Remembered users can view anonymous pages and portlets with a standard or identified authentication level. When you provide a valid Remember me cookie, a user can also access protected pages and portlets that require the identified authentication level. If the authentication level is set to authenticated, the user must provide a user ID and password to view the page or portlet.

About this task

You can enable step-up authentication only. You can enable the Remember me cookie only. Or you can enable both with one task.
Note: Authenticated and remembered users must have cookies enabled on their browser. Users can access portal sites without cookies enabled if they are anonymous users. If you turn on session tracking for anonymous users, then anonymous users also require cookies.
Remember me cookies: After you enable the Remember me cookie, you might need to adjust the settings to fit your business needs. You can use the WebSphere® Integrated Solutions Console to create new properties, if necessary, or to update existing properties. The RememberMeConfigService.properties file, including a short description, is in the wp_profile_root\PortalServer\config directory. Log in to the WebSphere® Integrated Solutions Console. Go to Resources > Resource Environment Providers > WP RememberMeConfigService > Custom properties to edit the properties file. All property changes require that you restart the HCL Digital Experience server for the changes to take effect.