Creating your own layout | HCL Digital Experience

When you create your own layout.html files, it is important to apply one semantic type and one grid type relative width class to each container. Such as wpthemeMedium and wpthemeCol6of12. Applying both ensures that those creating portlets and other page elements do not have to define styles for both types. Along with neither type and both types, they also have the choice to define styles for just one of the types, depending on their needs of granularity.

When you apply one of each type, it is also important to apply the properly matching ones. For example, it is important to use either wpthemeCol3of12, wpthemeCol4of12 or wpthemeCol2of5 with wpthemeNarrow. Never add one of the other mismatching ones, such as wpthemeCol9of12 with wpthemeNarrow.