Database performance | HCL Digital Experience

View some guidelines for performance optimization in your LikeMinds database.

How you configure your database during installation has a significant impact on performance. Use the following guidelines to achieve the maximum performance in your LikeMinds database:
  • Hardware setup: Ideally, you should have one machine (with two CPUs), preferably the fastest, dedicated to the database, and the HCL Portal software on a separate machine. See the system requirements in the HCL Portal Information Center for more information.
  • load distribution: You can install the LikeMinds utilities onto separate machines to distribute load. Refer to the documentation for information about installing utilities to multiple machines.
  • sifter configuration: You can configure the sifter to accommodate heavy loads or busy sites. Be aware that the sifter has heavy memory usage.
  • accumulator configuration: As with the sifter , the accumulator has heavy memory usage, so you should schedule it to run during off-peak hours.