The LikeMinds Recommendation Engines | HCL Digital Experience

LikeMinds Recommendation Engines communicate with a relational database and generate recommendations. Learn about the three types of recommendation engines, Preference engine, Clickstream engine, and Item Affinity engine.

Following is a description of the three types of recommendation engines:

  • Preference engine: This engine generates recommendations using patented collaborative filtering algorithms based on users' item ratings.
  • Clickstream engine: This engine, which also accesses transaction information, generates recommendations based on users' actions as they navigate a Web site; that is, the history of user clicks during website visits, and the items that users view, click, and add to their shopping carts.
  • Item Affinity engine: This engine generates recommendations based on the history of the user's site browsing activity. It matches a currently selected product with a second product that the user would most likely want to purchase along with the first product. For example, if a user is purchasing groceries and adds French onion soup to the shopping cart, the Item Affinity engine could recommend Gruyere cheese to go with it.