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Both the Web Experience Factory and IBM Rational Application Developer include functionality to help you develop Multichannel Digital Experience solutions.

Web Experience Factory

Web Experience Factory includes new smartphone builders and samples to help developers generate mobile portlets and pages faster. Automation components include:
  • Native-looking navigation tabs, lists, buttons, and controls
  • Scrolling lists with display options, such as thumbnails and multiple line test with multiple styles
  • Access to smartphone features, such as HTML 5, orientation, and geographical location
  • Input UI patterns appropriate for smartphones, such as selectable lists and check box lists

Rational® Application Developer

IBM Rational® Application Developer for WebSphere Software includes tools designed to help developers develop portlet applications. The portlet tools provide the following capabilities:

  • Portlet project support for the standard portlet API
  • Web perspective views and editors for developing portlets
  • Portlet project wizard to create basic portlets, Faces portlets, and Struts portlets
  • Editing and validation of the portlet deployment descriptor (portlet.xml).
  • Testing and debugging of portlets within the workbench
  • Testing and debugging of portlets on a remote machine
  • Visual tooling to insert portlet programming objects into JSP files using Page Designer.
  • Educational tutorials, available in the Tutorials Gallery

For additional information about IBM Rational Application Developer, refer to the IBM product pages at IBM Rational® Application Developer for WebSphere Software.