Web Application Bridge integration | HCL Digital Experience

Use the Web Application Bridge to integrate with web applications, such as Sharepoint.

The web application bridge uses reverse proxy technology to integrate web-based content providers, such as the Microsoft SharePoint server, with HCL Digital Experience. Administrators must first define the virtual web applications or content providers. A lightweight iFrame portlet displays the content from the backend applications. Users can then access the iFrame on a page without requiring direct network access to the backend application. A special engine maps the Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs) on the iFrame portlet to real URIs from the content providers.

Integrating the web application bridge is a multi-step process. First, create the content provider profile. Second, create at least one policy for each content provider profile. Then, create the web dock applications for the content providers. Finally, add the web dock application portlets to a new or existing page.