HCL Web Content Manager | HCL Digital Experience

HCL Web Content Manager accelerates the creation, maintenance, and delivery of content across intranet, extranet, Internet, and portal sites.

HCL Web Content Manager is a comprehensive solution for creating, managing, and delivering content on your website.

  • Use Web Content Manager to publish your information and pull in content from other sources, either RSS feeds or other content management systems. On a single page, you can publish your corporate news and highlight news from an external news source.
  • Authors can edit content inline on staging servers and editors can approve content inline.
  • Using Personalization, you can target content based on the website users authentication and preferences. Personalization rules let you control what information specific users or user groups can see.
  • Workflows let you control how content is reviewed, approved, and published. You can create custom workflows to reflect your existing business processes.
  • Use syndication to publish approved content to your live website.


You can manage and store content in Web Content Manager, using an external content management system, or both.
  • Set up libraries to manage and store content in Web Content Manager.
  • Use IBM® Web Content Integrator to import content in RSS feed format.
  • Integrate and link directly to external content management systems using CMIS support included with Web Content Manager.
  • Use WebDAV to import content from a file system.
  • Wikis and blogs are immediately available for you to add to pages in your site.


Use projects to manage changes to a group of items. Projects can help you coordinate approvals and publication.

Workflow is immediately available and you can develop custom workflows if needed. Workflows help you control how content progresses from draft to publication. Projects can have associated workflows too.


Multiple authoring home pages are immediately available. You can also develop a custom authoring environment if needed.

In addition to the authoring home pages, authors can edit content in context on the staging servers. Using the edit mode, authors can select to edit content on a page. Changes adhere to defined workflows and syndication publishes changes.

Multilingual websites

The HCL Web Content Manager Multilingual Solution download, available on the solution catalog, provides a reference implementation for a multilingual website. It includes a set of extension plugins that you can use to configure and deliver a multilingual site.