Updating the default theme and skin

You can add the Portal 8.5 theme and 8.5 skin to all new pages by default.

About this task

After migration, a new theme is available for you to apply to your Portal pages. The name of the new theme is Portal 8.5. In addition, four new skins are available for the Portal 8.5 theme. For information about the new skins, see Skins in the Developing themes and skins section of the documentation. The legacy Portal theme from Portal 7.0 was removed in Portal 8.5. If this older theme is still applied to pages, you might see the following message:
EJPFD0097E: No theme was found to render the page. Navigate to Administration and assign a working theme to restore full function to your site.
Note: To use the Portal theme with Portal 8.0 or later, you must copy the dojo16.json file from PortalServer_root/theme/wp.theme.dojo/installedApps/dojo.ear/dojo.war/v1.6 to the contributions folder of the theme.


  1. Click the Administration menu icon. Then, click Portal User Interface > Themes and Skins.
  2. Select the Portal 8.5 theme from the Themes list in the portlet.
  3. Click Set as default portal theme.
  4. Select the Portal 8.5 Hidden skin from the Skins list in the portlet.
  5. Click Set as default portal skin.