Setting up the target environment | HCL Digital Experience

The migration requires you to install the required Portal and WebSphere® binary installations. To prepare your target environment, ensure that you have applied the latest cumulative fix and the most recent fix pack before you start migration. In addition, create new copies of the source databases for the target environment to use, and prepare the target environment for any custom applications that have dependencies or any other tasks that need to be performed for remote or cluster migrations.

About this task

Attention: When migrating after HCL Digital Experience 8.5 CF09, interim fix PI50840 is no longer necessary.
Migration to a new release requires setting up a target environment. The target environment might be one of the following environments:
  • A separate system
  • A remote migration
  • The same system if you choose a local migration path
Independently from the migration path that is chosen, the target environment requires a fresh, binary only, Portal installation. Meaning setting up the target environment without creating any profiles. For the z/OS® operating system, the new version must be on the same server as the earlier version. Remote migration is not supported for this operating system. In addition, for z/OS® systems, the Configuration Wizard cannot be used for migration.

For more details on setting up the target environment, review the following topics in this section and the Roadmaps for migration.